Get new guests with a social post

Attract new guests through the best audience in the world: private recommendations among friends.

Step 1

Start by offering a new kind of reward for existing guests

LiveRate works with your booking engine to create a personally discounted stay for guests when they choose to also post about their stay. Posts reach hidden audiences like guests private Instagram followers who value trusted recommendations and may be planning to travel soon but are not even searching for hotels in your area yet.

Step 2

Delighted guests act as your ambassadors just by collecting their reward

LiveRate takes care of verifying your guests Instagram or social sharing and works with your PMS to makes sure your staff can lock-in their personalized rate at the end of a stay automatically if they qualify.

Step 3

Sit back as new guests find you in their trusted networks

teil advantages grow virally when new guests claim rewards and further open up their private networks to you! No more paying for search ads or manually experimenting with SEO just to get traffic to your website or reach audiences that are similar to your existing guests.

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