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Give guests the confidence to book direct by displaying your room rates alongside live rates from across the web.

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What is LiveRate?

Designed exclusively for hoteliers, LiveRate displays your best available room rates alongside live prices from up to 3 OTAs. The widget can be integrated onto your home page and links directly to your booking engine for happier guests and more direct bookings.

Why LiveRate?

Happier Travelers

Travelers want to get the best price when booking your hotel. You have the best price. We help you show travelers that so that they can save time and confidently book on your site.

More Revenue

Because travelers have a transparent view of room rates, they don’t need to leave your site (or even your home page!) to book your hotel, helping you to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue.

Simple Integration

LiveRate is easy to integrate onto your site and is customizable to fit with your corporate identity. Plus, it is optimized for PCs as well as mobile devices so travelers can compare and book on any device.

How Does It Work?


Customize the LiveRate widget in your branding, and add it directly onto your website or booking engine.


LiveRate compares your Best Available Rate with up to 3 OTAs and assures the visitor you have the best offer.


Visitors click to book on LiveRate and are taken directly to your booking engine for more direct bookings.

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